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The Science of Appliances

Style is all-important when it comes to remodelling your kitchen, but it's your choice of appliances that can really make the difference. Whether it's your coffee machine, food processor, or microwave-oven, your appliances provide the practicality you need in a fully-functioning kitchen.

However, finding storage for all your appliances can be tricky. Without careful consideration your kitchen can quickly become cluttered, an eyesore that undermines both the aesthetic you've tried to create and the space available to work with.

This is why we've written a guide looking at how to store kitchen appliances to help you make better use of the space. But before we get into it, it's worth considering which appliances you really need.

We recommend grouping them by frequently used, rarely used, and never used. Any that fall into the last category can be taken to the charity shop or recycled. Then, consider if any of the appliances you want to keep are one-note, and whether others can do what they do. For instance, a stockpot can make a perfectly good batch of rice, so perhaps you don't actually need a rice cooker if you only use it every so often.

Once you've whittled your appliances to the essentials, it's time to work out how you'll store what remains. Let's dive in.

Create a coffee station

A coffee station is a cabinet (with doors and a shelf) built over the empty space of a worktop. You can store appliances like your kettle and coffee machine in the space below the shelf and smaller items on top of it. This storage solution works best at the wall end or corner of your kitchen, as this gives you easy access but keeps appliances out of sight the rest of the time.

Install an appliance garage

For those with more spacious kitchens, you can have a designated space where all your appliances are lined up along a worktop (complete with power points to plug them into), yet kept hidden behind sliding or bi-folding doors. This means simply opening the doors and using the appliances where they are, before closing the doors again after use.

Appliance garages make sense for more regularly used items, so if you're wondering how to store a toaster or microwave, for example, this can be the perfect solution.

Consider corner cabinet extensions

The space inside a corner cabinet can be maximised by installing a shelf extension on rails. This mechanism can be safely pulled out and later tucked away, giving you easy access to the appliances stored inside. Fitted to rails on the inside of a cabinet and door front, you typically get the shelf extension in square or rounded shapes.

Elevate your kitchen with an appliance lift

A similar solution is an appliance lift, which not only stores appliances away, but makes taking them out from lower cabinets a lot simpler. Say you have a large food mixer, you can place this on the lift and watch it elevate when you open the cabinet door. This prevents you from bending down to reach the appliance or rummaging around in the back of cupboards

Look into a larder

Larders don't just have to store food. They can be the perfect way of storing appliances, particularly as they reduce the need for lots of wall cabinets which can overcrowd the room. By having sockets fitted inside of a larder, you can ensure that items like your toaster, coffee maker and blender can both be hidden and used inside, ensuring your worktop is kept clear and tidy.

Make the most of your pantry

If you're fortunate enough to have the space to incorporate a walk-in pantry into your kitchen plan, then this might just be the best way of storing your appliances. Storing appliances in a pantry keeps them out of the way of your kitchen space, leaving more room for preparing ingredients, cooking food, and entertaining guests.

Buy a kitchen cart

A small rolling cart is a great option if you truly have run out of storage space. Be sure to have the largest appliance on the bottom to hold the cart in place, and place your most frequently ones on the top for easy access. You can then roll the cart to the edge of your kitchen to keep it out of the way.

Opt for clever appliances

There are generally two approaches to achieving a clutter-free kitchen - the first being 'more cabinetry, more storage', the second being to consider your appliances more carefully. Opting for clever appliances can make your kitchen more practical and efficient - for instance, installing a boiling tap means you no longer need a kettle.

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