The Exchange and its stores are fully open.

In line with government guidance, the wearing of masks is no longer required in shops. Individual stores may have their own guidelines however, and we would ask customers to adhere to these where they apply, unless exempt.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit to Nottingham's oldest shopping arcade.

The Exchange


pv cake1

Patisserie Valerie’s Mini Cake Box

Perfect for parties, kids, or sampling a taste of PV's whole cake range, this selection of six cupcake-sized cakes is  ...

veg out1

Veg Out - Pret's Vegetarian & Vegan Treats

You asked, Pret listened. From the Meatless Meatball Wrap to vegan Chilli Enchilada, you can now choose from even  ...

cfa marvel1

Castle Fine Art Marvel Superheroes

Castle Fine Art have released a set of six limited edition giclée on paper artworks curated and hand-signed by Stan  ...

dm beetle1

Snakes Alive! – DM’s 1461 Beetlejuice Shoe

For over six decades, Dr Martens' boots have been adopted and re-shaped by rebels - the strange and unconventional who  ...

hj parquet1

Is Parquet Flooring a Suitable Choice for Kitchens?

Parquet flooring originated in the late 1600s in Versailles, France, and was once the province of wealthy families and  ...

up&running open1

Up & Running Now Open

Up & Running, one of the UK's leading running and fitness stores, are now open in The Exchange, following the  ...

loake darwin1

Summer-ready – The Darwin Loafer

A favourite among Loake customers, The Darwin Loafer is ideal for the summer months. The Darwin is a premium Loafer,  ... Cottages1 styled by Lucy Whitehouse – Contemporary Cottage Interiors

Exposed brick, rich wooden beams, a cosy sofa and snuggle-worthy armchair by the fire… cottage interior design is a  ...

PV summer cakes1

Patisserie Valerie Summer Cakes

A summer cake is a wonderful addition to a summertime birthday party, celebration, or wedding. Patisserie Valerie have  ...

perfect summer reds1

Perfect Summer Reds - Gauntleys Picks for the Season

Over the past few months, since the grey veil of winter has lifted and we have welcomed the rays and warmth of spring  ...

DM X Betty Boop1

Boop-boop De Doo - Dr Martens X Betty Boop

Cultural icon and feminist trailblazer Betty Boop was ahead of her time. By many decades. In the 30s, she was a symbol  ...

Sweaty Betty New 221

Sweaty Betty - New for 22

Introducing Sweaty Betty's new activewear which you'll never want to take off, including bum-sculpting gym leggings and  ...

Shaker Maker1

Shaker Maker - Harvey Jones' Shaker Kitchens

Harvey Jones' famous Shaker kitchen range has been their most popular collection for the past 30 years. With clean  ...

DM 4 Cities1

4 Cities, 1 Sihouette - DM's 1461

Inspired by four of the world's most iconic metropolises, Dr Martens have launched a new collection for their classic  ...

CFA Billy Connolly 221

Billy Connolly | Born On A Rainy Day | 2022

'The Big Yin' is back with his boldest collection yet, including two brand-new sculptures! For his 2022 release, the  ...

Pret's New Spring Menu1

Out to Lunch - Pret's New Menu

Lunch just got a whole new look - Pret's new spring menu is here (and it's just a little bit fancy). The teams have  ...

Sweaty Betty Yoga Picks1

Stretch It Out - Sweaty Betty's Top Yoga Picks

Yoga is meant to be relaxing. A connected flow of movements that works the body at the same time as relieving tension  ...

DM Summer1

Dr Martens - All Access Summer

We've been on a hell of a ride. And it wasn't easy. We missed out. We stayed in. We rebooked, replanned and returned to  ... Garden1

Let’s Go Outside - Say Hello to Stylish Summer Entertaining

Combining both comfort and style,'s luxury garden furniture has been designed to help you extend your living  ...

CFA Peep Show1

Peter Smith - Peep Show 2022

Roll up, roll up and witness the wild and risqué art of titillation! We present to you seven Impossimal scenes of  ...

HJ wood flooring1

Is Wood Good? Are wooden floors suitable for kitchens?

Many homeowners wonder if wooden flooring is a practical decision for their kitchen. It's definitely a worthwhile  ...