30 January 2023 Last updated at 15:25

Slàinte Mhath! - Gauntleys Whisky Tasting Evenings 2023

Gauntleys have announced their Whisky tasting evening schedule for 2023. At present, this is just a list of dates, with more detail added as things get finalised. One (possibly two) of these dates may ultimately feature another spirit, but Gauntleys will try to announce any changes as soon as possible in advance of the evening in question.

If you are planning on attending every tasting evening in 2023 irrespective of the theme, you can book all the evenings now and save a little money in the process. By purchasing this option, you will pay for only 10 of the 11 evenings below, saving £35. The offer is applicable to the following dates only. Any other spirit/whisky tastings which may be held are not included.

2023 Tasting Evening dates:

February 22nd, March 22nd, April 19th, May 17th, June 21st, July 19th, August 23rd, September 20th, October 25th, November 22nd, December 13th.

Each single evening is £35, except December 13th event, which is £60.

All 11 are available as a bundle for £375. 

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If you are unable to attend any of the tasting evenings, or are a last-minute cancellation, Gauntleys will provide tasting samples of each of that evening's whiskies and keep them for you for later collection from the shop. If you would prefer the samples posting, please call 0115 911 0555 to arrange. There will be a small extra charge for this.


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