24 May 2023 Last updated at 15:41

Sip, sip, Hooray - Return of those saucy Impossimals!

Peter and Jayne Smith's art is fantastically popular with collectors, who adore the fun-loving Impossimals and the witty situations they find themselves in. The new Sip collection sees the Impossimals on popular bottles which will appeal to everyone. "We've got everything in this collection!" says Peter. "Gin, vodka and everything else. You can build your own collection of your favourite drinks."

The humour in the Smith's pieces is key to their appeal - if you own one, it's bound to make you smile, and with the many kinds of drinks they feature, you can build your own virtual cocktail bar of art.

So, raise a glass to the new Sip collection!

From their witty imaginations comes their latest collection of limited editions and originals featuring their loveable Impossimals getting saucy with the addition of a little glass of something boozy - Sip! This new collection features the Impossimals in comedic situations with their favourite bottles of booze.

The Collection of hand varnished giclee's on canvas includes:

Billy Big Shot £325
Wanqueray On Tanqueray £325
Saturday Night Believer £325
Drop It Like A Scot £325
I've Got The Moves Like Jäger £325
I'd Hit That £325
The Krak House £325
Drink Like A Fish £325
Sip - Set of Eight £2,250

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