02 November 2021 Last updated at 11:33

Rundholz AW21 at Tutu Urban Boutique

Since the foundation of RUNDHOLZ company and the creation of the company's first collection in the Autumn of 1993 the name RUNDHOLZ emphasises the style and the individuality of the wearer, rather than follow some short-lived trend.

The RUNDHOLZ brand is certainly full of surprises and yet it seems so familiar; emphasized further by the label's alignment with simplicity and yet promoting a lavish outlook on modern sustainability. A highly desirable and thought-provoking collection for discerning women who are truly on the same wave-length.

The RUNDHOLZ Collection inherently displays a unique femininity and artistry that few can claim in this particular genre. It expresses itself quite freely from that of others and delivers a very distinct style that embraces innovation, intelligence, quality and craftsmanship.

"A high creative drive spurs us on," says Carsten Rundholz. "We are constantly further developing ourselves, and enjoy the freedom we have with our work. It makes the collection what it is."

Tutu Urban Boutique

1, The Exchange

Tutu Rundholz AW211
Tutu Rundholz AW212
Tutu Rundholz AW213